Sunday, 19 April 2020

Maintenance Spanking Last Night

You can tell we're in lockdown... two posts in a couple of days!

This is just a quick one to describe the maintenance spanking Pam gave me last night. It started with a text message suggesting a "GoT and OTK night", which means watching Game of Thrones, following by me over Pam's knee afterwards. We did this sometimes during the original series and are now working our way through the whole seven seasons again.

We snuggled up on the couch as we watched two episodes, though my nerves were going through the roof from halfway through the second episode. As I've said, it might not have been punishment, but it was still going to be a hard spanking. Pam knows a spanking is meant to hurt!

Afterwards, when we were in our bedroom, Pam announced she was going to have a shower, then when I was hovering aimlessly, she added, "Take your pants off. Stand in the corner."

"Yes, Ma'am," I replied, knowing we were in discipline mode now.

Then she left.

I stood in the corner naked for about fifteen minutes while Pam showered, fed the pets, and got ready for bed. Finally, she came in, and seeing me in the corner, she asked, "Have you moved?"

"No, Ma'am."

Pam collected some implements and arranged herself, sitting up against the head of the bed. "Come here and lie over my lap," she commanded.

I did as ordered, arranging myself over her thighs. Her hand started rubbing my bottom. "Now, I'm not going to use my hand much as it makes too much noise. Our son is still wandering the other end of the house talking to his girlfriend on the phone."

This was ominous as it meant no warm-up and 'stingy but quiet' implements.

Pam gave me a brief, light hand spanking, before realising it wasn't stinging at all and upping the strength of the smacks. It was still short and all too soon she took up the wooden naughty stick (long bamboo ruler from cane-iac labelled with "I've Been Very Naughty"). She had not used this for a long time, and I'd forgotten how effective it is, with a sting greater than a hairbrush. Pam gave me about thirty or forty with the naughty stick before putting it aside. I resolved to hide that nasty thing at the back of the implement collection!

"Too loud," she said. "Time for something quieter."

I knew what that meant and wasn't surprised to feel the OTK cane rest against my bottom. Pam gives pretty much all spankings over her lap these days, though occasionally she'll make me get on all fours for the naughty stick or our longer cane.

What followed was a long, painful caning. An OTK cane might not be as fierce as a full-length caning, but Pam gave me a lot more than six of the best. In fact, she gave the caning in batches, saying, "The cane must be given in sixes," and then started applying it six sharp strokes at a time.  This made it awfully hard to take, and I was soon squirming over her lap.

After a brief respite when Pam gave me another hand spanking, which stung a lot more now my bottom was sore, it was back to the cane.

"This is how you cure a naughty boy," she said. "With a good caning."

Pam then proceeded to give me a much longer dose of that OTK cane than I'd ever had. With a few pauses for scolding, Pam must have delivered over a hundred more sizzling cuts across my bottom, leaving me teary eyed by the time she finished.

It was later now and the night was quiet. Pam picked up another implement. "My favourite, the wooden spoon."

My wife brought the spoon down hard, the wide wooden head burning one cheek and then the other.

"Are you going to behave?" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"And what happens when you don't?"

"My strict wife spanks me."

"Yeah, she does."

Pam finished off the spanking with another forty or so hard smacks of that wicked spoon, leaving me sobbing softly into a pillow. It had been a sound reminder to mind and obey my wife. She drew me into her arms for kissing and some TLC, for while my wife spanks long and hard, it is always discipline lovingly given.

Then we kissed and made up properly, with an orgasm for her!

And this morning I'm typing this post on a blistered bottom that is difficult to sit on, even on a comfy chair. Pam is sleeping in, though she said last night she wanted to find a hard bench for me to sit on this morning. So I imagine we'll be getting take-away breakfast and then finding some hard concrete for my naughty, blistered bottom to sit on.

It's now three days later and my bottom is still sore to sit on. I believe Pam gave me a punishment spanking as 'maintenance' as I hadn't been spanked for while as Pam had been sick, so I'd missed a couple...


  1. A lovely arousing tale. I hope you enjoyed your spanking.

  2. Really enjoy your blog. Would like to read more stories from the time before you were married. I'm curious how your then girlfriend took so enthusiastically to spanking you.

  3. I find the domme nature of your wife very appealing, to say the least. She certainly is assertive and strict. Do the two of you ever debrief these disciplinary sessions (as do some couples that are into "scening")? Or, are the spankings you receive a manifestation of her strict nature? Either way, I envy your relationship.

    1. The spankings are a manifestation of her nature and our half-real, half-play discipline sessions. Pam obviously does not act 24x7 the way she does in these blog posts. We have a mostly normal marriage, but spanking allows Pam to take her frustrations out every now and again. In my opinion a 24x7 relationship would work better in fantasy than in RL...