Monday, 10 August 2020

First time OTK with new spoon

Well, I'm sitting on a sore bottom again 😢

Pam decided I needed a spanking last night. There was no reason, it was just too long. When I said, "Well, I guess it has been a while", she replied, "Yes, and it isn't because you've been good."

Pam was rubbing my bottom while she spoke, deliberately trying to get me aroused. She wasn't actually mad, just knew I was overdue for a trip over her lap.

"I have been thinking about it lately," I said, my growing arousal making me say crazy things. "I guess I need a hard one."

She looked me in the eyes. "Do I ever give any other type of spanking?"

"Not really. You give hard or extra hard."

"Extra hard then!"

Pam had my lie over her lap. She intended using the brand new wooden spoon I'd bought her for our anniversary. It had never been used, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

It's the bottom one in the picture below (you can tell my art isn't as good as my wife's!). The top one is my wife's trusty old favourite that has never been used for cooking anything other than my bottom.

I settled in over Pam's lap. She started with a hand spanking, gradually building the intensity up until I was squirming. It had been weeks since I'd been spanked and my tolerance seemed to be lower tonight. The spoon was going to be a challenge.

"Already getting hot," Pam said, rubbing my bottom.

She picked up the spoon, and without further ado, began to pepper my bottom with it. I could scarcely believe the sting. Either my tolerance was way down, or the new spoon was very, very effective. Perhaps not as thick and thudding as Pam's old spoon, but lighter, able to be wielded rapid-fire against a naughty husband's bottom.

In no time I was squirming, arm pinned behind my back, as Pam danced the spoon over both my upturned cheeks. Finally, as tears started to form in my eyes, she stopped. Her hand ran soothingly over my hot bottom.

"I think you're going to have to work off the couch tomorrow. No sitting at your desk."

 I sniffled in response, knowing Pam was right, and also knowing she wasn't finished yet.

"This is a good spoon," she said, examining the wooden utensil of doom. "Very stingy. Gets the right reaction." Then she rested the wooden head on my bottom again. "Are you going to behave?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"I'm sure you will, especially after a good finale to set you straight."

Then she resumed spanking me. She did not focus on my sit spot. Rather she was an equal opportunity spanker and focused on ensuring every inch of my bottom was uniformly scalded. Soon I was writhing tearfully over my wife's strict lap, trying without luck to avoid the sting of her wicked new spoon. The promises and apologies started tumbling from my lips, but Pam had none of that nonsense and dutifully applied dozens more searing spanks.

Later, she let me up for a cuddle and a kiss. The spanking was over, but the night was not. She had not actually been the slightest bit mad or I would have gotten it worse, but these days Pam is a strict disciplinarian and knows exactly how to keep naughty husbands in line.

So here I am, updating my blog on a sore bottom again. It was far from the hardest spanking Pam has given me, but my bottom still feels like it has pins and needles even when I'm standing.

What I am thinking, is next time that spoon gets used it won't get used in isolation. It's now likely to be combined with the trusted old favourite spoon, and won't that be a memorable trip over my wife's lap. 

Maybe I should leave them on her pillow tonight?  😅

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  1. Your blog is one of my favorites. Descriptive, tantalizing. I check frequently for updates. Your wife certainly knows how to dish out punishment. Please continue to post, Your readers will never tire of your stories. I'd be very interested in additional recollections of past spankings from your strict and beautiful spouse.