Friday, 2 December 2016

Remember to Behave

It was the eve of my business trip overseas and I was snuggling up to Pam hoping for a little 'action' before my two weeks away. Pam turned and pressed herself against me and for a long while we kissed passionately.

She leaned back and looked at me. "I'm going to miss you."

"Me too."

Her eyes sparkled. "You had better behave yourself on this trip."

"I will."

"You'd better." Her hand dropped down to my bottom and squeezed. "Do you think you a reminder would help?"

Instantly my pulse jumped with nervous excitement. Other things may also have jumped. "Ah... I don't know."

Pam's hand kept moving, teasing. "Luckily I do. A sore bottom will remind you to behave. Won't it dear?"


"Only maybe? Then I'll have to make sure it is a very, very sore bottom indeed." She sat up. "Take your boxers off while I find some things to teach you a good lesson." She turned and started fumbling through her chest of drawers beside the bed where oh so many painful implements were stowed.

In about, oh, twenty seconds, I found myself bare-bottomed over my wife's lovely lap. Pam rubbed and teased only briefly before beginning a sound hand spanking that soon had me squirming. After a long warmup with her hand, Pam switched to a heavy wooden spoon, blistering the underside of my cheeks with sharp volleys. My begs and pleads and promises to be good overseas fell on deaf ears and that wicked spoon burned up my bottom.

"You'll remember this sitting on that long plane ride," Pam said, stopping only to switch to her hairbrush. "Hopefully for a lot longer. A week would be good."

"Yes Ma'am," I whimpered. "I'll be good."

"Extremely good by the time we're done."

And then the brush came, hard and fast and long.
And then the tears and sobbing and promises came thick.

And then whilst I could not sit comfortably for the next four days, and squirmed in my seat for the longhaul flight... I was extremely, extremely good.