Friday, 10 January 2014

Travelling overseas..

We are on holidays overseas at the moment and Pam could not find our two new favourite toys when packing (I had hidden them from the cleaners), so she is having to improvise to deal with my naughty bottom.

Three days ago Pam said she was going to spank me and wanted to make sure it stung on the train the next day.  I made the mistake of saying ... unlikely as you only have your hand...  What followed was the longest, hardest hand spanking of all time, surely heard by half the hotel.  My bottom was sore to sit on for two days.

But that wasn't enough.  Pam bought a new hairbrush at a coop store yesterday and tried it out last night.  It was only plastic, but still stung given how hard she spanked me with it.  And her new technqinue is to give longer volleys without stopping that have left me with wet eyes from the sting the last two spankings.  Pam is very strict these days... I made the mistake of rubbing and got a whole second spanking for it recently :)

Sorry about any typos..  I am on my ipad.

talk soon!  LurkingCol

ps. the two implements I mentioned below are excellent.  They sting a lot without much effort and are very quiet too.