Saturday, 21 November 2015

The big wooden spoon

Last night my lovely wife Pam decided to discipline me.  She made me crouch on all fours and proceeded to spank me with her hand and then a really big and heavy wooden spoon.  Tears came quickly, but they didn't end my spanking.  It had been a while since I'd been spanked, but Pam didn't let me off easily.  She blistered my bottom the spoon and finished off with her hand once more.

I am now sitting typing this on a very sore bottom - even having a shower this morning felt like a hundred bee stings.  Pam has promised to use that spoon a lot now - it's quiet and it stings a LOT!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Long time between sore bottoms

I've not been posting much as my wife and I had a baby and there hasn't been as much spanking action going on.  But she made up for it last night.  I got home late after drinks with the boys.  She decided that a sound spanking was warranted.  First she started with her hand and even that stung after not getting spanked for a few months.  Then she picked up her wooden hairbrush and gave me an extremely long spanking with it, at least five minutes of smacks all over my poor bottom.  I may have had a few drinks but definitely felt it!

Now I am typing at my computer on a sore blistered bottom.  It was well needed and deserved though - too long between spankings and I get stressed (from work) and grumpy.  A trip over my wife's lap is just the cure xxx