Saturday, 5 January 2019

First Spanking for 2019

It was 2am and despite a long day in the summer sun, I could not sleep. Pam lay beside me, sleeping soundly, unaware I was still awake. But no matter how I tried, I couldn't get the thought her spanking me out of my head, along with an unrelenting arousal at the thought. For a number of reasons, I hadn't been over my wife's lap since October 28th, far too long, and despite getting tardier on a number of my chores, my bottom had gone unpunished.

To make matters worse, we'd been shopping earlier that day at the local two-dollar shop and I'd spotted a sturdy looking clothes brush. Pam hadn't even glanced in its direction, but since then all I could think of was a sound trip over her lap, the new brush in her hand, its wooden surface blistering my bottom as a reminder to be a better husband.

All the while Pam was spanking me, she was repeating the lines she had used in recent spankings:

'A headmistress would give you six of the best. I'm going to give you six on each cheek.'

'It was really rude how you spoke to me this morning. You're going to get it Super Hard now.'

'I'm still annoyed just talking about it. Clearly, I'm not done with you.'

At least in my head she was, over and over, until finally I fell asleep, only to wake again every hour after that...


Two days later, Pam left to see a movie with her friend Helen, so I had the house to myself. At first I'd been just chilling in front of Netflix, but after a while the thought of Pam in 'strict wife' mode flashed back into my head. Earlier that day she had patted my bottom a couple of times, lightly but suggestively, and it had stoked the fire. While Pam was shopping, I'd rushed off and bought the clothes brush. It now lay at the top of her implement pile.

I decided to open my blog and write a new fantasy story about her to scratch my itch. Naturally, I got distracted (and aroused) reading the old posts and stories. Then I made another mistake - I lost track of time, thinking Pam and Helen would probably go for meal or drink after the movie. I left my browser open on the Pam Spanks her Husband blog and went to the bathroom.

I returned to find Pam standing next to my computer. She raised her eyebrows. "I notice the dishes are still in the sink, the lounge room a mess, and yet somehow you've managed to find the time for smutty entertainment. Go wait for me in the bedroom. I'll be there shortly to deal with you. Find the cane too, I'll be needing that."

As ordered, I waited for Pam in our bedroom, nervous and naked. I'd found the cane and naughty stick and left them under her pillow. The rest of her implements were in a drawer of her bedside table. Pam had gone to shower, so I was left to stew... and wonder if she was actually mad. I had wanted this, needed it, but a spanking from Pam is always long and hard, often hard enough to have me in tears. Whether she was mad or not, I'd be sitting uncomfortably tomorrow...

"Excellent," Pam said, entering the room. "My naughty boy is in the corner. Come lie over my lap so I can blister your bottom good and proper.”

*** Epilogue ***

So here I am, sitting on a sore bottom after last night’s spanking from Pam, the first for 2019. She gave the finale with the new brush, one hundred hard ones, and I can see the blisters in the mirror today. Of course, she also used the wooden spoon, ruler paddle, “Obey Your Wife” heavy paddle, and gave me two doses of the cane. I was over her lap for a good twenty minutes and quite tearful by the time Pam finished. 

By the end I was promising to be good, extremely good, but I can’t see that lasting long!


Note: the first half of this story is exactly what happened, but instead of being caught with the blog open, I printed out the story and left it for Pam to find when she was getting ready for bed.

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