Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Happy Holidays & Spankings

I hope everyone had a great holiday break.

In our house both Pam and I are on several weeks leave, Pam getting a huge six weeks as a school teacher over the summer break down here.

This has resulted in renewed energy... and more spankings ;)  Pam has told me to expect a sore bottom for the holidays as she had been too tired and neglecting it a bit.

So far this has resulted in four trips over my wife's lap:

  1. a warning before my parents arrived for a few days
  2. a spanking for failing to fill up the dog's water bowl on a hot day (it's really her dog, but I am responsible for feeding it).
  3. a spanking for forgetting to put the potatoes in the oven when it was the last thing my wife said before leaving the house.
  4. and finally a proper punishment spanking for a rude comment that hurt Pam's feelings.
One of these was a catch-up spanking for an offense several weeks earlier.
The most recent of these was last night, which included a long dose of the naughty stick (buy one here) and my wife's favourite paddle (cherry paddle). The description for the cherry paddle says get ready for screams and tears... well there may not have been screams, but there were certainly tears.

And I'm struggling to sit and type this now :)

I calculated this morning that Pam and I have been together for over twenty years. That's a lot of spankings considering I received my first from her less than a year into our relationship.

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