Friday, 6 January 2017

Over the Road

Over the Road (F/M, real-life, many years ago before we were married)

It was a fairly typical Saturday night. Pam and I had gone out for dinner, and upon return, I had been ordered over her lap. The occasion was not a punishment, more of a foreplay activity, though Pam's spankings were always sound enough to act as a future deterrent, a reminder of who was in charge via a bright red bottom. Pam had just finished the warm up and had started spanking me in earnest when the front door creaked open. One more sharp smack landed before Pam stopped. Her hand rested on my warm bottom.

"Is that Chris?"

"I think so."

"Damn it. She's never home so early."

Chris was our flatmate, but between going out late and staying at her boyfriend's place, we hardly saw her, which was perfect for noisy spankings. Another door could be heard closing. There was no doubt - she was home.

"I guess that's the end of that," I whispered, half-relieved, half-disappointed.

Another sharp smack landed. "Don't move yet. I say when I'm done."

"Ow! But you can't..."

"Probably not," Pam said, going back to rubbing. "But I'm nowhere near finished. I really want to spank you. It's been a week and you have it coming."

"There's always the beach," I said.

About a year earlier we had a similar problem with a different flatmate and had driven to a secluded section of beach with a blanket so Pam could spank me. Between the sand and the biting insects, it had been less than successful. I had still ended up with a sore bottom, but it wasn't as fun as a comfy bug-free bedroom.

"No thanks. That was terrible."

"Guess it's over then."

Pam's hand kept rubbing and lightly patting. "But I want to finish this naughty bottom."

More than a little worried Pam was going to spank me anyway, and not wanting to face our flatmate's knowing looks, my mind raced for a solution. "There's always the cliff across the road. It's high and dark."

"Won't the cars see us up there?

"Nah. They'd have to look up too high."

"Ok," she said. "Let's go."


Barefoot and wearing only shorts and t-shirts, we made our way up the little hill. Below a road turned a corner next to our house before passing beside the hill. A fairly steep cliff made it difficult for people in the cars to see us, though it was not as dark as I'd expected and we'd have been an easy mark for a front-seat passenger who happened to look up.

We found a fairly flat spot on the path we'd been following and sat down, Pam with her legs out waiting for me. Once over her lap, Pam pulled my shorts and boxers down to my knees. Cold night air touched my bottom, though I knew it wouldn't be cold for long.

"Do you think they can see us?" I asked. Now face down over Pam's lap, I couldn't see the passing cars.

"Maybe. I don't care. If they do, they'll just see a naughty boy getting a good spanking."

Without further ado, Pam started spanking me, using her hand but delivering sharp smacks that were no warmup. I squirmed at the sting as her hard palm landed. The spanking continued for several minutes until I was struggling to keep from throwing my hand back in defence. Out in the open the noise of Pam's hand falling on my bare rear sounded as loud as gunshots.

She paused. "There. Now that's a smacked bottom. Or a half-smacked bottom." She reached down and picked up the wooden ruler she'd brought, a long and thick one we'd picked up from a craft shop. More innocuous than carrying a brush or paddle, but nearly as effective. Given my bottom was already smarting, I knew I was in for it. The ruler rested on my bottom, cool wood on my hot skin, a deliberate tease.

"You know," she said, "I think a few people probably saw that. I wonder if anyone could recognise your shiny red bottom."

I groaned at the thought, not entirely certain if Pam was just teasing.

"Let's give them a proper show," she continued.

She lifted the ruler and brought it down it down hard, burning a red line across both cheeks. It was the first of many such smacks, the thick ruler's sting leaving me breathless. Soon I'd forgotten all about the potential for witnesses. I was just another naughty boy getting his bottom thoroughly blistered, a right seeing-to that I'd feel for several days.

"This will teach you won't it," Pam said, slowing but not stopping.

"Teach me what," I stammered. This had started out foreplay and now I was getting a proper spanking.

"Teach you for making me walk across this prickly grass barefoot. I was happy to finish off your spanking with Chris home. She's probably heard it all before anyway. But you made me come out here in the cold and prickles, so I'm going to make it worth my while."

Pam pulled me in closer and took hold of my hand, pinning it behind my back. Then she proceeded to finish off the spanking, a prolonged no-nonsense rulering that left me wet-eyed and making all sorts of ridiculous promises to behave in future, none of which appeared to reduce my spanking's duration.

At last Pam left me up with a close cuddle and kiss. She leaned back and looked me in the eyes. "I think we need to head back so you can thank me properly for your spanking." Then she laughed. "Maybe we'll keep Chris awake after all."

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