Sunday, 31 July 2022

Going to be spanked tonight

 My wife has sentenced me to a spanking tonight. Last night, before going to sleep, she said, "I'm going to spank you tomorrow night. That will give you something to think about tomorrow."

 It started when we went out to dinner on Friday night. My wife decided to enforce a no-device rule on our daughter (without warning) - this resulted in a public meltdown. Tired and frustrated, I questioned the decision, saying that reaction was about what I expected. Pam was not happy because I questioned her in front of our daughter instead of supporting her decision and raising any questions later.

So now the hours count down until my bottom gets blistered. Since we have a house guest, I'm likely to receive all the "nasty but quiet" implements, particularly the cane. Yes, my school teacher wife is going to soundly cane me tonight... and since she won't be able to use her hairbrushes, it's likely to be a lot more than "six of the best".

I am nervous but excited :)



Sunday, 20 June 2021

First Spanking after Shoulder Injury

For most of 2021, Pam has had an injured shoulder and been unable to give spankings. I received one in January (a proper spanking) but then over the year her shoulder has gotten progressively worse. She attempted to give me a spanking in mid-May, but though she got me to tears, she had to stop because her shoulder was hurting too much.

Fast forward to mid-June - after some physio and minor procedure, Pam's shoulder was feeling much better. I still thought my bottom was fairly safe though :) 

However, last week, the night before I was going away for a few weeks, I came home late after having a few drinks with work friends. Surprisingly, Pam was still awake. When we went to bed, Pam let out a loud sigh.

"I was going to spank you tonight, but you made me wait up late, so now I'm going to be tired tomorrow. I'm doubly annoyed now."

"Oh," I said, surprised and a little alarmed. "I thought your shoulder was still too sore."

"You know it is getting better. You should have come early in case I wanted to spank you, since you're going away soon. Now it's late."

"Ah, you don't have to spank me... if it's too late."

"But I want to - as you're about to find out. Take off your pants!"

Pam turned and started gathering implements, leaving me to obey my wife's resolute command. Once she had assembled her tools for making bottoms sore, I lay over her lap.

She started with her hand. Immediately, I could tell her healing was nearly complete. This was the firmest hand spanking I'd received all year. Before long, I was squirming, trying to avoid the smacks. Pam scolded me the entire time, telling me she was just getting started and that by the time she was done, I'd have a very hot bottom.

Then Pam picked up the short tawse and gave me a long OTK strapping, clearly relishing having a full range of movement again. The tawse stings like crazy and my squirming intensified.

"You should have come home earlier in case I wanted to spank you," she asked. "Shouldn't you?" 

"Yes, Ma'am." Though inwardly I was thinking that if I'd come home earlier, Pam may not have been as mad, but she'd probably have had more time to give a longer spanking. I decided to risk a complaint, despite already being on the receiving end. "You never said you were going to, Ma'am."

The strap came down harder. "You," my wife said, punctuating each word with a stroke of the tawse, "need to be in better touch with your wife's feelings. Intuition."

Now I was convinced that this made no sense at all, but at least I had the sense to keep my mouth shut. "Yes, Ma'am."

Next came her thick "Obey your wife" paddle. With a stronger arm now, Pam used this more like a hairbrush than a paddle, absolutely roasting the lower curves of my bottom, ensuring I would not sit comfortably for days.

"You were meant to move your car, too," Pam said, during a brief break. "I asked you to, but it is still in the driveway."

"I'll move it tomorrow," I croaked, managing to speak despite the first tears in my eyes.

"Oh, I know you will. But now you'll have something to think about when you sit in the driver's seat." 

Pam gave me the finale of my spanking with the Devil's Braid (silicon strap) followed by a long dose of her OTK ruler paddle. But the time she put the implements away, I was sobbing, arm-locked over her lap, a thoroughly chastised husband who had received a well-deserved spanking from his strict wife.

Pam was not finished though. She rounded off the spanking with a sound hand spanking as an encore. On my already sore and blistered bottom, the pain was enough to keep the waterworks flowing until Pam finally decided I had learned my lesson. It was now time for cuddles and to thank my wife for her firm but loving ministrations.

Now it is several days later and my bottom still burns under a hot shower. But while her spankings are the painful, real deal, I'm glad Pam's shoulder has healed and once again she can keep her naughty husband in line. Regular spankings bring us closer and certainly improve my attitude toward my wife.

"Obey Your Wife" - as my wife's paddle says!




Saturday, 12 December 2020

I Don't Need a Reason

I'm sitting on a sore bottom today after a spanking from my lovely wife last night.

It started with us just making out during foreplay. Pam's hand cupped my bottom. "I'm going to spank you tonight," she stated.

"Oh, have I done something?"

"No, but I don't need a reason to spank you."

That was true. Pam could spank me whenever she wanted to - for punishment or just because she felt like it.

After grabbing some implements in the darkness, Pam sat up against the head of the bed. I dutifully laid over her lap.

After a smarting hand spanking, she started spanking me with a hairbrush. It's actually a clothes brush that resembles one of those old-fashioned nu-west hairbrushes. It's super effective and she was really bringing it down hard. We recently had sound proofing added to our bedroom door, and it has made a massive different to the noise coming in and out... and how hard Pam is now willing to spank. I had tears in my eyes by the time she finished the hair brushing.

Next came an session with the OTK cane, one of Pam's favourite implements. Since I was already in tears, I struggled to maintain composure. Pam then picked up a new implement - the devil's braid from cane-iac. I had only given myself a few tentative strokes with it before, nothing like how it felt in Pam's hand. It was like a thuddy cane, a uniquely painful experience. Pam loved how quiet it was, so the first lesson I received with it was especially long.

 [ ]

 Pam finished off the spanking with the Cry Baby rubber paddle with holes. By now I was arm-locked, sniffling, and tearful - a naughty husband over his strict wife's lap getting a sound reminder to love, honour, and most definitely obey!

Also, here is a view of my wife's implement drawer. You can easily see the new devil braid, the brush that was used last night, and the Cry Baby rubber paddle/strap. 



Monday, 10 August 2020

First time OTK with new spoon

Well, I'm sitting on a sore bottom again 😢

Pam decided I needed a spanking last night. There was no reason, it was just too long. When I said, "Well, I guess it has been a while", she replied, "Yes, and it isn't because you've been good."

Pam was rubbing my bottom while she spoke, deliberately trying to get me aroused. She wasn't actually mad, just knew I was overdue for a trip over her lap.

"I have been thinking about it lately," I said, my growing arousal making me say crazy things. "I guess I need a hard one."

She looked me in the eyes. "Do I ever give any other type of spanking?"

"Not really. You give hard or extra hard."

"Extra hard then!"

Pam had my lie over her lap. She intended using the brand new wooden spoon I'd bought her for our anniversary. It had never been used, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

It's the bottom one in the picture below (you can tell my art isn't as good as my wife's!). The top one is my wife's trusty old favourite that has never been used for cooking anything other than my bottom.

I settled in over Pam's lap. She started with a hand spanking, gradually building the intensity up until I was squirming. It had been weeks since I'd been spanked and my tolerance seemed to be lower tonight. The spoon was going to be a challenge.

"Already getting hot," Pam said, rubbing my bottom.

She picked up the spoon, and without further ado, began to pepper my bottom with it. I could scarcely believe the sting. Either my tolerance was way down, or the new spoon was very, very effective. Perhaps not as thick and thudding as Pam's old spoon, but lighter, able to be wielded rapid-fire against a naughty husband's bottom.

In no time I was squirming, arm pinned behind my back, as Pam danced the spoon over both my upturned cheeks. Finally, as tears started to form in my eyes, she stopped. Her hand ran soothingly over my hot bottom.

"I think you're going to have to work off the couch tomorrow. No sitting at your desk."

 I sniffled in response, knowing Pam was right, and also knowing she wasn't finished yet.

"This is a good spoon," she said, examining the wooden utensil of doom. "Very stingy. Gets the right reaction." Then she rested the wooden head on my bottom again. "Are you going to behave?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"I'm sure you will, especially after a good finale to set you straight."

Then she resumed spanking me. She did not focus on my sit spot. Rather she was an equal opportunity spanker and focused on ensuring every inch of my bottom was uniformly scalded. Soon I was writhing tearfully over my wife's strict lap, trying without luck to avoid the sting of her wicked new spoon. The promises and apologies started tumbling from my lips, but Pam had none of that nonsense and dutifully applied dozens more searing spanks.

Later, she let me up for a cuddle and a kiss. The spanking was over, but the night was not. She had not actually been the slightest bit mad or I would have gotten it worse, but these days Pam is a strict disciplinarian and knows exactly how to keep naughty husbands in line.

So here I am, updating my blog on a sore bottom again. It was far from the hardest spanking Pam has given me, but my bottom still feels like it has pins and needles even when I'm standing.

What I am thinking, is next time that spoon gets used it won't get used in isolation. It's now likely to be combined with the trusted old favourite spoon, and won't that be a memorable trip over my wife's lap. 

Maybe I should leave them on her pillow tonight?  😅

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Maintenance Spanking Last Night

You can tell we're in lockdown... two posts in a couple of days!

This is just a quick one to describe the maintenance spanking Pam gave me last night. It started with a text message suggesting a "GoT and OTK night", which means watching Game of Thrones, following by me over Pam's knee afterwards. We did this sometimes during the original series and are now working our way through the whole seven seasons again.

We snuggled up on the couch as we watched two episodes, though my nerves were going through the roof from halfway through the second episode. As I've said, it might not have been punishment, but it was still going to be a hard spanking. Pam knows a spanking is meant to hurt!

Afterwards, when we were in our bedroom, Pam announced she was going to have a shower, then when I was hovering aimlessly, she added, "Take your pants off. Stand in the corner."

"Yes, Ma'am," I replied, knowing we were in discipline mode now.

Then she left.

I stood in the corner naked for about fifteen minutes while Pam showered, fed the pets, and got ready for bed. Finally, she came in, and seeing me in the corner, she asked, "Have you moved?"

"No, Ma'am."

Pam collected some implements and arranged herself, sitting up against the head of the bed. "Come here and lie over my lap," she commanded.

I did as ordered, arranging myself over her thighs. Her hand started rubbing my bottom. "Now, I'm not going to use my hand much as it makes too much noise. Our son is still wandering the other end of the house talking to his girlfriend on the phone."

This was ominous as it meant no warm-up and 'stingy but quiet' implements.

Pam gave me a brief, light hand spanking, before realising it wasn't stinging at all and upping the strength of the smacks. It was still short and all too soon she took up the wooden naughty stick (long bamboo ruler from cane-iac labelled with "I've Been Very Naughty"). She had not used this for a long time, and I'd forgotten how effective it is, with a sting greater than a hairbrush. Pam gave me about thirty or forty with the naughty stick before putting it aside. I resolved to hide that nasty thing at the back of the implement collection!

"Too loud," she said. "Time for something quieter."

I knew what that meant and wasn't surprised to feel the OTK cane rest against my bottom. Pam gives pretty much all spankings over her lap these days, though occasionally she'll make me get on all fours for the naughty stick or our longer cane.

What followed was a long, painful caning. An OTK cane might not be as fierce as a full-length caning, but Pam gave me a lot more than six of the best. In fact, she gave the caning in batches, saying, "The cane must be given in sixes," and then started applying it six sharp strokes at a time.  This made it awfully hard to take, and I was soon squirming over her lap.

After a brief respite when Pam gave me another hand spanking, which stung a lot more now my bottom was sore, it was back to the cane.

"This is how you cure a naughty boy," she said. "With a good caning."

Pam then proceeded to give me a much longer dose of that OTK cane than I'd ever had. With a few pauses for scolding, Pam must have delivered over a hundred more sizzling cuts across my bottom, leaving me teary eyed by the time she finished.

It was later now and the night was quiet. Pam picked up another implement. "My favourite, the wooden spoon."

My wife brought the spoon down hard, the wide wooden head burning one cheek and then the other.

"Are you going to behave?" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"And what happens when you don't?"

"My strict wife spanks me."

"Yeah, she does."

Pam finished off the spanking with another forty or so hard smacks of that wicked spoon, leaving me sobbing softly into a pillow. It had been a sound reminder to mind and obey my wife. She drew me into her arms for kissing and some TLC, for while my wife spanks long and hard, it is always discipline lovingly given.

Then we kissed and made up properly, with an orgasm for her!

And this morning I'm typing this post on a blistered bottom that is difficult to sit on, even on a comfy chair. Pam is sleeping in, though she said last night she wanted to find a hard bench for me to sit on this morning. So I imagine we'll be getting take-away breakfast and then finding some hard concrete for my naughty, blistered bottom to sit on.

It's now three days later and my bottom is still sore to sit on. I believe Pam gave me a punishment spanking as 'maintenance' as I hadn't been spanked for while as Pam had been sick, so I'd missed a couple...