Saturday, 12 December 2020

I Don't Need a Reason

I'm sitting on a sore bottom today after a spanking from my lovely wife last night.

It started with us just making out during foreplay. Pam's hand cupped my bottom. "I'm going to spank you tonight," she stated.

"Oh, have I done something?"

"No, but I don't need a reason to spank you."

That was true. Pam could spank me whenever she wanted to - for punishment or just because she felt like it.

After grabbing some implements in the darkness, Pam sat up against the head of the bed. I dutifully laid over her lap.

After a smarting hand spanking, she started spanking me with a hairbrush. It's actually a clothes brush that resembles one of those old-fashioned nu-west hairbrushes. It's super effective and she was really bringing it down hard. We recently had sound proofing added to our bedroom door, and it has made a massive different to the noise coming in and out... and how hard Pam is now willing to spank. I had tears in my eyes by the time she finished the hair brushing.

Next came an session with the OTK cane, one of Pam's favourite implements. Since I was already in tears, I struggled to maintain composure. Pam then picked up a new implement - the devil's braid from cane-iac. I had only given myself a few tentative strokes with it before, nothing like how it felt in Pam's hand. It was like a thuddy cane, a uniquely painful experience. Pam loved how quiet it was, so the first lesson I received with it was especially long.

 [ ]

 Pam finished off the spanking with the Cry Baby rubber paddle with holes. By now I was arm-locked, sniffling, and tearful - a naughty husband over his strict wife's lap getting a sound reminder to love, honour, and most definitely obey!

Also, here is a view of my wife's implement drawer. You can easily see the new devil braid, the brush that was used last night, and the Cry Baby rubber paddle/strap. 



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  1. Your spouse is attractively domineering. I look forward to new stories of your spanking life with Pam.